About Us

West Seattle Timebank is an open, welcoming group of folks in West Seattle striving to develop stronger community bonds with each other by providing and receiving services from one another. Being in service in both giving and receiving is an important part of what we consider the best of what used to be routine in this country and our community – helping one another.  Receiving services is just as important as giving; no one can give unless someone else receives.  So, the West Seattle Timebank is joining timebanks across Puget Sound to exercise old-fashioned values using high-tech tools that fit our busy lives.  You may download our brochure: West Seattle Brochure, here.

The West Seattle Timebank is a partner of Sustainable West Seattle and operates under the auspices of TimeBanks of Puget Sound.

Our Steering Committee members are:

Tamsen Spengler, Chair – Tamsen  has lived in West Seattle for over 30 years. She currently works full time for the City of Seattle’s Human Services Department in the Aging and Disability Unit as a Senior Contract & Grant Specialist. She enjoys being a community activist and is the Second Vice Chair and the Legislative Action Committee chair for the 34th District Democrats. Other community work includes volunteering as the Vice President on the White Center Community Development Association’s board and the Volunteer Coordinator for E.A.S.E. a non-profit that supports City of Seattle employees in their time of need. She is excited to join the West Seattle Timebank steering committee as this idea was vetted a year ago at a workshop she attended in West Seattle. The participants of the workshop were adamant that a Timebank is needed in the West Seattle community and would be successful. She looks forward to being a part of making the West Seattle Timebank a reality.

Mark Jaroslaw, West Seattle Timebank’s representative on the board of Timebanks of Puget Sound – Mark drove from Los Angeles to Seattle in 1986, and never looked back or regretted his decision to relocate here. And who could blame him when the Northwest has so much greenery and open water at every turn. A relative newcomer to the small town of West Seattle (seven years and counting), Mark is a journalist by training, a book publisher by profession, and a second-career videographer for the fun of it. Mark takes newspapers and good coffee seriously, usually together, and believes that daily exercise is a wonderful concept if not pursued too vigorously. He believes that the idea behind Timebank – a personal give-and-take between neighbors and strangers – is
community-building at its very best, and a cure to disconnectedness in the Facebook era.  Mark is thrilled to be a core member of the new West Seattle Timebank.

Karen Sisson, Director of the West Seattle Senior Center – Karen has been in the field of aging for the last 42 years.  She really enjoy the interaction with seniors.  The Senior Center has a very diverse clientele, some accepting help of our services, others volunteering to be a part of that helping system.  A great part of her job is working with the Community at large, spreading the word of the Center and offering assistance when necessary.  This is where her involvement in the West Seattle Timebank became a great partnership.  She is committed to do all she can to assist the timebank to become an integral part of our community at large.

Lola Peters – Lola Peters returned to West Seattle ten years ago following twenty years living around the country and four on Vashon. After thirty years explaining technology to technophobes, and ten years trying to change the world, she is now indulging her inner artist as producer/director of Poetry+Motion, a unique performance that brings together local poets, dancers and musicians around a unifying theme. The West Seattle Timebank gives Lola an opportunity to serve the neighborhood she loves to show off to friends who visit from elsewhere. From the excesses of Beach Drive at Christmas, to the calm peace of late night stargazers in Lincoln Park; from the innovative blue bottle house to the most beautiful golf views in the city; from The Bridge to La Rustica, she is proud to declare West Seattle is Home.

Fred Matthews – Fred has a way of making things happen when he gets involved.  He grew up in Seattle and after college, lost his way to California until returning in 1984. While in California, he began his career in communications, systems development, strategic planning, public/client relations, marketing and fundraising with nonprofit organizations.  His specialty was helping organizations move to the next level of performance.  Now on “permanent (but very active) sabbatical,” Fred explores the opportunities and challenges of “the Third Chapter” through discussion groups, volunteering with a variety of organizations, and reading/research.  He has shared his ideas and findings on a blog at: http://encore-pathways.net/share-ideas.  A relative newcomer to West Seattle, he is excited to be involved with and looks forward to working with the West Seattle Timebank in a variety of ways, including recruiting and orienting new members.